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Your 2D Ultrasound at 5 Weeks Gestation

This pregnancy I am following has a due date of February 10, 2023. The comparative Flo diagram shows that the baby is tiny and is approximately the size of a sesame seed or a peppercorn. We in ultrasound would see the black ring (gestational sac), the white ring (yolk sac) and we may see an embryo next to the yolk sac, with the gestational sac preferably centered inside the uterus. There may be a flicker of a heartbeat but a heartbeat at 120 bpm is NOT expected at this stage. The best ultrasound images are usually obtained by the Transvaginal approach but would not be done on an elective scan. If you were doing this ultrasound ordered by your medical OB provider, you would need a follow-up ultrasound.

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