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I scanned his big sister back in 2019. So special that they came back to see us again.

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The 2D image, top left (black & white) and the HD, top right, are images of the 7 week embryo. These images were both obtained transabdominally at the Precious Faces studio, they are magnified. More often than not when you visit your Doctor's office and an ultrasound is done, or if you are sent to an imaging center during this gestational age, a transvaginal ultrasound would be performed to obtain these images. It just depends on whether or not your Doctor specifically requested the Transvaginal and/or Transabdominal approach; it depends on the ultrasound system used and also the operator of that system. The bottom left Flo illustration and the blueberries give you a point of reference. This is the earliest that I have documented the embryo in HD that present as a "recognizable" structure to mom and dad. This client wanted to see her baby in High Definition at this early age. We made that happen.

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